Salt Lake Tribune – Utah Women Taking Care of Business – April 20, 2013

With a bagel and sliced fruit at the ready, Demi Corbett types a blogpost over breakfast, one of a dozen women attending a morning session at the StartUp Princess WE (Women Entrepreneurs) Unite Conference held last month in Salt Lake City’s Peery Hotel. The Orem resident launched an online jewelry business,, on the side, but last year, the company grossed $100,000, enough for her to quit her day job. A mother of two, she enjoys the freedom that comes with running her own company.

“I feel like I can grow this business, make more money and be more available to my family,” she said.



JCK Magazine – 5 Cool Jewelry Industry Blogs You Should Be Following – July 14, 2012

This blog makes the list based on future potential.

In just three posts, I’m pretty much sold that jewelry designer Demi Corbett is a blogger I’m going to come back to regularly.

First of all, Corbott’s writing style is so honest and warm that I was totally bummed there wasn’t more to read. The “about me” section on the blog—as well as on Corbott’s main website—leaves no question to the reader what the designer’s personal and professional beliefs are.

Her blog will also be a good resource to other jeweler designers—based on her post “Local Utah Fairs and Markets.” She writes about her experience at a local artisan fair in Utah in a fun way, but also gives sage advice to those across the country who might be doing the same thing.

This blog is also another good example that simple and direct works better than a lot of flash and bang.

I look forward to what Corbott has to offer in the future.

JCK Magazine Blog Mention


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