Tempe Highlights

tempe2_apr2016I had a great festival in Tempe last weekend. My teenage daughter came with me to help me out and since it was just the two of us we got to make it a fun road trip with loud teenage music on the drive and everything!

The hotel included a “free breakfast” which in my experience could  be anything from donuts and cold cereal, hot eggs, sausage and waffles, or a coupon to Denny’s. This time it was cold cereal, toast, and a waffle machine. The waffle machine is what counts. For my daughter it is the ONLY THING that counts. So we were happy.

It was a three day festival. Which for an UNseasoned veteran like me is a lot of days of sitting in a booth all day, smiling, wearing makeup, making conversation with strangers, and being a salesman. Having my daughter there was great, cause not only can she handle sales but she decided to make some changes to my shopping cart in my Square App including entering all cash sales. This was a huge deal because now my record keeping is consolidated and it is so much easier to see how we are doing overall.

It was also great just having her there. One of my favorite things about these festivals is watching how boyfriends/husbands react to their girl looking at and wanting to buy jewelry.

You get all types of guys. For example:

  • There are the guys who stand at the edge of the booth, afraid to get too close, afraid they might catch something if they do. Their girl tries to show them jewelry to get their approval, but they wont be drawn in.
  • There are the guys that follow their girl around through the booth. She asks what he thinks about various items and he gives vague answers cause, lets face it, he has no opinion about jewelry, and he is really only there to carry the wallet.
  • There are the guys who are super interested in everything, even more so then the girl, and he says things like, “Is there anything you like?” or “Oh, did you see they have stone rings?” Typically the girl in this situation doesn’t get anything. Maybe he already knows that, or he wouldn’t be so anxiously engaged.
  • There are of course guys who don’t hand over the cash so easily, and I don’t blame them. Most of us aren’t made of money. And I would probably be that guy. “No baby, you can not spend $100 on jewelry!”

So here are a few interactions that made our weekend entertaining:

–Girl looking at jewelry, boy standing at edge of booth.

  • Girl “Baby do you like this”
  • Guy says, “If you like it, I am sure I like it” then shrugs, looks at us and says, “I’m not very good at this, am I?”
  • She continues to look at stuff, showing him, every time he responds he looks at us, with an awkward look, sure he is doing it wrong.

–Guy and girl looking at jewelry together putting rings on HIM. He gets a wide pattern band stuck on his finger. He is soo embarrassed. He says, “Has this ever happened before?” Hahahaha. Yes. Every day. He gets it off without even having to use lotion or string or anything. They continue to try rings on. He is talking, not totally paying attention to what is going on while she is pushing, twisting, forcing a ring on his pinky. Suddenly he realizes what she is doing, “Baby, wait!” and I say, well actually I kinda shout, “Why did you do that?!” She says, “sorry, I didn’t know it was so tight.” I am embarrassed, she is embarrassed and we all laugh and laugh while he manages to get the ring back off.


And here are a few lessons I learned:

  • Don’t wait till the last day to mention to food vendors that you are also a vendor, they might have given you free food the whole time.
  • Cute shoes aren’t really necessary since you are standing behind a table all day. Better to be comfortable.
  • Don’t leave your hoodie at breakfast on the hot day, you wont notice it is missing till the next day when it is cold and rainy and you are freezing to death. And then when you later ask the hotel about it, since it has been two days they wont find it anywhere. They will spend a long time looking for it, but we all know it has already been “rescued” by one of the female staff.
  • Making a fabulous custom necklace to wear while you sell is great, but you might need two, so you still have something to wear when someone buys it right off your body.






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