I want to tell you about Jane.com. They call themselves a flash sale boutique. But, if you are like me, you don’t really know what that means.
Let me explain.

They are an online store without any regular inventory, they just run sales. They offer hugely discounted items from a wide variety of sellers for short 72 hour sales (or less if the item sells out). Daily emails remind their huge subscriber list to check out the latest deal before it is gone.
What makes them different from other Daily Deal sites is they specialize specifically in women’s clothing, accessories, home decor and kids/baby.
That’s it.

(Great Demi….why are you telling us this?)

I am telling you this because it is cool and you should check it out!
Just kidding.
It IS a fantastic place to get a deal on some cute clothes and some other stuff you didn’t know existed but NOW you ABSOLUTELY must have. But that is not why I am talking about it on the Street Bauble Blog. I am telling you my wonderful Street Bauble Fans because Street Bauble has partnered with Jane! And now from time to time you can get some of your Street Bauble favorites on sale at super low discounted rates, usually up to 50% off.

It’s an experiment really. I want to see if these savvy shopping deal-junkies recognize or even care about quality and are willing to pay a little extra for something that is handmade from precious metals. Maybe they wont, maybe price is the most important, we’ll see. They are still getting a ridiculous deal. I am sure artisans everywhere will shake their heads in disgust at me for practically giving away my art. But, I think it will work out. That is the other half of the experiment. Can I make a profit at that price if I sell a ton? I guess we’ll see that too. Cause even an artist has to pay the bills.

Bla, bla, bla, enough talkie.

Here it is. My next deal starts tonight.
The Infinity Necklace.
Infinity Neck Bri

If you go there NOW and like my item, it helps my ranking and moves it up the page or something.

I’ll try to keep you informed of new deals, but maybe only on instagram and facebook.

Thank you for your comment.

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