Spring = Jewelry Fun

It’s that time of year.

It’s time to dig all the muck out of my garden beds and put new happy plants in the ground. Time to dig out the shorts and sun hats and emerge out of my studio/cave and spend a little time outside. I love this time of year. In Utah there aren’t many months between coat season and too hot to do anything outside besides swim, so you have to take advantage. If I had time and energy I could spend all Spring in my garden. My husband calls weeding “monkey work” but for me it is turning chaos into order.

But alas I don’t get to spend all day in the garden because Spring is also the time to start preparing for summer show season. Summer in the jewelry studio is crazy busy for me for two reasons:

  1. My Summer shows
  2. my Customers Summer shows

It is always a balancing act between creating new things to sell, fixing displays, designing banners, traveling to and seling at fairs AND getting wholesale orders done for my customers when they ABSOLUTELY need it THIS WEEK!

And of course I can’t forget to make time for my regular internet sales.

It’s exciting! Maybe the fact that I love the craziness says something about me. My husband is sad that I rarely have time to go camping and I am sad that I don’t get enough time in my garden. But other than that I love the craziness.

Okay, enough pontificating….  Get to the point Demi!

Yes, the point is, I am sooo excited for my first show of the season.

The Big Bodacious Spring Expo at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds! This weekend. Just in time for Mother’s Day.


Two fun things I am doing at this show:

  • I’ll be handing out $10 Mother’s Day Gift Cards
  • 10% Off when you sign up for my email list. You can sign up now or at the show.

It’s gonna be great.

Also, I have some new stuff I am super excited to unveil for your jewelry-time joy.

Here is a sneak peak: Big Stone Rings and “Hand Jewelry”

Join me. Good times.


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