Musings for Feb 27th


I live in a place where winter is snowy and cold and I am ok with that. Winter is supposed to be cold, right? But, this year has been colder than most. The snow that came down in December is still here, that means it has remained mostly below freezing for a long time.

Perhaps that is why February, the shortest month of the year, seems to go on forever. My  joints ache for warmer weather, my dry hands itch for warm sunshine. We took a mini vacation to sunny St. George, Utah at the beginning of the month, but the beautiful weather turned for the worse and it actually snowed while we were in Zion National Park.  Maybe we brought the weather with us. But we didn’t do it on purpose.


Some people around here (my children included) pretend it isn’t really winter. They wear light jackets and Toms because they know they will only be outside for 2 seconds as they run from their car to work or the bus to school. But, not me, I take my dog to the park every day for exercise. We spend about an hour there walking and playing with a ball. In case you haven’t experienced this, an hour in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is a long time. I have a good winter coat and warm boots that I love made by Keen, but it is still cold.


Ok, ok,  I know, you don’t care. You live in California and it is warm, and this is my second post about being cold, so…… get over it girl!

But wait…..imagine my joy when I realized this morning that there are only 2 MORE DAYS OF  FEBRUARY!!

Never before have I been so glad to see March. March in Utah means melting snow and warming temperatures. It also means a lot of mud tracked onto my kitchen floor, but oh well.

Hooray for the end of February. Farewell and good riddance.


Ok, I admit it, I am just wasting time while I procrastinate taking the dog out.



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