Tempe Highlights

tempe2_apr2016I had a great festival in Tempe last weekend. My teenage daughter came with me to help me out and since it was just the two of us we got to make it a fun road trip with loud teenage music on the drive and everything!

The hotel included a “free breakfast” which in my experience could  be anything from donuts and cold cereal, hot eggs, sausage and waffles, or a coupon to Denny’s. This time it was cold cereal, toast, and a waffle machine. The waffle machine is what counts. For my daughter it is the ONLY THING that counts. So we were happy.

It was a three day festival. Which for an UNseasoned veteran like me is a lot of days of sitting in a booth all day, smiling, wearing makeup, making conversation with strangers, and being a salesman. Having my daughter there was great, cause not only can she handle sales but she decided to make some changes to my shopping cart in my Square App including entering all cash sales. This was a huge deal because now my record keeping is consolidated and it is so much easier to see how we are doing overall.

It was also great just having her there. One of my favorite things about these festivals is watching how boyfriends/husbands react to their girl looking at and wanting to buy jewelry.

You get all types of guys. For example:

  • There are the guys who stand at the edge of the booth, afraid to get too close, afraid they might catch something if they do. Their girl tries to show them jewelry to get their approval, but they wont be drawn in.
  • There are the guys that follow their girl around through the booth. She asks what he thinks about various items and he gives vague answers cause, lets face it, he has no opinion about jewelry, and he is really only there to carry the wallet.
  • There are the guys who are super interested in everything, even more so then the girl, and he says things like, “Is there anything you like?” or “Oh, did you see they have stone rings?” Typically the girl in this situation doesn’t get anything. Maybe he already knows that, or he wouldn’t be so anxiously engaged.
  • There are of course guys who don’t hand over the cash so easily, and I don’t blame them. Most of us aren’t made of money. And I would probably be that guy. “No baby, you can not spend $100 on jewelry!”

So here are a few interactions that made our weekend entertaining:

–Girl looking at jewelry, boy standing at edge of booth.

  • Girl “Baby do you like this”
  • Guy says, “If you like it, I am sure I like it” then shrugs, looks at us and says, “I’m not very good at this, am I?”
  • She continues to look at stuff, showing him, every time he responds he looks at us, with an awkward look, sure he is doing it wrong.

–Guy and girl looking at jewelry together putting rings on HIM. He gets a wide pattern band stuck on his finger. He is soo embarrassed. He says, “Has this ever happened before?” Hahahaha. Yes. Every day. He gets it off without even having to use lotion or string or anything. They continue to try rings on. He is talking, not totally paying attention to what is going on while she is pushing, twisting, forcing a ring on his pinky. Suddenly he realizes what she is doing, “Baby, wait!” and I say, well actually I kinda shout, “Why did you do that?!” She says, “sorry, I didn’t know it was so tight.” I am embarrassed, she is embarrassed and we all laugh and laugh while he manages to get the ring back off.


And here are a few lessons I learned:

  • Don’t wait till the last day to mention to food vendors that you are also a vendor, they might have given you free food the whole time.
  • Cute shoes aren’t really necessary since you are standing behind a table all day. Better to be comfortable.
  • Don’t leave your hoodie at breakfast on the hot day, you wont notice it is missing till the next day when it is cold and rainy and you are freezing to death. And then when you later ask the hotel about it, since it has been two days they wont find it anywhere. They will spend a long time looking for it, but we all know it has already been “rescued” by one of the female staff.
  • Making a fabulous custom necklace to wear while you sell is great, but you might need two, so you still have something to wear when someone buys it right off your body.






Tempe Festival of the Arts

Packing my bags and heading south.

This will be my first visit to Arizona proper, because I don’t really count the 15 mile bit that I15 takes through the corner of Arizona on the way to Vegas.


And I am pretty excited to be a part of the Tempe Festival of the Arts. April 8-10, 10am to 5:30pm. It is supposed to be big. If you are in that neck of the woods look for me in booth 5529 on 5th St. between Mill and Forest.

Hopefully if you are from Tempe those names mean something to you. If so, stop by and say Hi, I promise I will make it worth your while. You know, like by giving you free stuff.


I want to tell you about Jane.com. They call themselves a flash sale boutique. But, if you are like me, you don’t really know what that means.
Let me explain.

They are an online store without any regular inventory, they just run sales. They offer hugely discounted items from a wide variety of sellers for short 72 hour sales (or less if the item sells out). Daily emails remind their huge subscriber list to check out the latest deal before it is gone.
What makes them different from other Daily Deal sites is they specialize specifically in women’s clothing, accessories, home decor and kids/baby.
That’s it.

(Great Demi….why are you telling us this?)

I am telling you this because it is cool and you should check it out!
Just kidding.
It IS a fantastic place to get a deal on some cute clothes and some other stuff you didn’t know existed but NOW you ABSOLUTELY must have. But that is not why I am talking about it on the Street Bauble Blog. I am telling you my wonderful Street Bauble Fans because Street Bauble has partnered with Jane! And now from time to time you can get some of your Street Bauble favorites on sale at super low discounted rates, usually up to 50% off.

It’s an experiment really. I want to see if these savvy shopping deal-junkies recognize or even care about quality and are willing to pay a little extra for something that is handmade from precious metals. Maybe they wont, maybe price is the most important, we’ll see. They are still getting a ridiculous deal. I am sure artisans everywhere will shake their heads in disgust at me for practically giving away my art. But, I think it will work out. That is the other half of the experiment. Can I make a profit at that price if I sell a ton? I guess we’ll see that too. Cause even an artist has to pay the bills.

Bla, bla, bla, enough talkie.

Here it is. My next deal starts tonight.
The Infinity Necklace.
Infinity Neck Bri

If you go there NOW and like my item, it helps my ranking and moves it up the page or something.

I’ll try to keep you informed of new deals, but maybe only on instagram and facebook.

Spring = Jewelry Fun

It’s that time of year.

It’s time to dig all the muck out of my garden beds and put new happy plants in the ground. Time to dig out the shorts and sun hats and emerge out of my studio/cave and spend a little time outside. I love this time of year. In Utah there aren’t many months between coat season and too hot to do anything outside besides swim, so you have to take advantage. If I had time and energy I could spend all Spring in my garden. My husband calls weeding “monkey work” but for me it is turning chaos into order.

But alas I don’t get to spend all day in the garden because Spring is also the time to start preparing for summer show season. Summer in the jewelry studio is crazy busy for me for two reasons:

  1. My Summer shows
  2. my Customers Summer shows

It is always a balancing act between creating new things to sell, fixing displays, designing banners, traveling to and seling at fairs AND getting wholesale orders done for my customers when they ABSOLUTELY need it THIS WEEK!

And of course I can’t forget to make time for my regular internet sales.

It’s exciting! Maybe the fact that I love the craziness says something about me. My husband is sad that I rarely have time to go camping and I am sad that I don’t get enough time in my garden. But other than that I love the craziness.

Okay, enough pontificating….  Get to the point Demi!

Yes, the point is, I am sooo excited for my first show of the season.

The Big Bodacious Spring Expo at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds! This weekend. Just in time for Mother’s Day.


Two fun things I am doing at this show:

  • I’ll be handing out $10 Mother’s Day Gift Cards
  • 10% Off when you sign up for my email list. You can sign up now or at the show.

It’s gonna be great.

Also, I have some new stuff I am super excited to unveil for your jewelry-time joy.

Here is a sneak peak: Big Stone Rings and “Hand Jewelry”

Join me. Good times.

Provo Christmas Market

Provo_christmas_marketNight shows can be tricky. I for one really want to get a good look at something before I buy it. And lighting can be a big issue. At the very least I want to be able to tell whether it is gold or silver. And you’d be surprised how much light that takes. So I am always hesitant to do a show at night where access to electricity is limited at best. However, I decided to give the Provo Christmas Market a try this year.  I like the idea of it. It is in the tradition of a German Weihnachts Markt. Which of course means a wintery outside party, gathered round a fire eating Brats, singing beer songs, dancing, and perusing local craftsmanship. Everyone knows that.

Okay, I will admit it, I don’t have any experience with a Weihnachts Markt. I visited Germany in the summer. And I don’t know if anyone else in Provo knows what it should be like either. But I am guessing it is the last opportunity before Christmas to find some one-of-a-kind gifts made by local artists. And I know enough about Germans to expect some great food and warm drinks. Maybe there wont be singing, But that’s okay, I am not sure I remember any of the drinking songs anyway.

Ha! I don’t have to remember them, YouTube remembers for me:


Here is the nativity at the Market in Rapperswil, Switzerland


And here is a little promotional video of the Market in Frankfurt

So, I think it is safe to expect a good time had by all.

Stay tuned. You might see a promotional video of the Provo Christmas Market for next year. My German is rusty, but I’ll do my best.

Check me out, I’m in the News!

As is typical with reporters, she didn’t get everything right. My dad never made silver and turquoise caste, at least not that I remember. My dad makes the same kind of jewelry that I make. AND I would not have chosen that picture at the top. But, whatever.

I forgive her.


Check out this article from Salt Lake Magazine.


Street Bauble Christmas Studio Sale

Street Bauble Christmas Studio Sale

This has been a while in coming, but I am very excited to be hosting the first (but definitely not last) Street Bauble Studio Sale. I am so excited because finally I get to control everything and I don’t have to follow someone else’s stupid rules and schedule. It is my venue, my lighting, my hours, my rules.
So here are the rules.

Rule #1: It isn’t an event without food. I can’t tell you the complete menu at this time, but I am told it will involve Sweet Potato Chowder and Hot Apple Cider. I want pumpkin roll, but I might not be able to get away from the last minute jewelry making to make it.

Rule #2: There is no rush and plenty of room so stay as long as you want. Mostly I just think it will be fun to see some of my customers in the flesh. Hanging out for a while is a bonus.

Rule #3: Discounts and Door Prizes are required. It’s my party so if I want to give some stuff away I can, so there.

Rule #4: If you live within 60 miles of me you MUST come! Just kidding. But really, it will be fun.

That’s all the rules I can think of, mostly it will just be a party with food and jewelry.

Nov. 23, 1:00-5:00 pm.
576 E 400 S. Orem, UT

Sumo Bot Competition

I am attending/selling at Craft Lake City on Aug 9-10th at the Gallivan Center, in SLC. The really smart/talented/geeky people will be entering this competition. I think I am a little out of my league.

South Lake Tahoe Fine Art Festival at Heavenly Village

DSCN3301Two weeks ago I took my family to Lake Tahoe where I was a vendor at the South Lake Tahoe Fine Art Festival. The weekend was full of firsts for me.

  1. My fist time in Tahoe
  2. My first out of state show
  3. My first time doing an “art festival”

I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, hauling my whole display and my whole family on a 10 hour drive to do a show I hadn’t done before not knowing if I would make any money or anything was a risk. But, mostly I just hoped I would make enough to at least off set the cost of the trip and we would have a fun family vacation.

So, because I like to do the “what did I learn?” exercise, here it is:

  1. Dirt is dirty, even if there is a shower included. Unfortunately, I didn’t know I was accepted into the show with enough notice to take advantage of our resort community membership and the accommodations that were still available were not exactly affordable. My husband suggested we camp and in a moment of weakness I agreed because the campground he found had showers and was across the street from the lake. I like camping when that is the activity. But camping when you are in another state and need to be presentable is complicated. It lends itself to questions like these: How do you charge your phone, which you need to accept credit cards at the show without power? How do you stay clean even if the showers are nice when your floor is made of dirt and your stove is a fire pit? How do you have energy to sit in a booth all day when you are sleeping (or not sleeping) on the ground?DSCN3313
  2. Art Festivals are my kind of show. In the past I have typically sold at craft fairs and trade shows. Trade shows are difficult for me because there are people there selling jewelry mass produced in China. I can’t compete price-wise with those booths, nor do I want to. The big difference between art fests and craft fairs  in my limited experience, is the price for goods being sold. At art fests many vendors have nothing in their booth less than $500. That price point and the clientele that it brings puts my jewelry in a better light.
  3. Art festivals located on the street of a tourist spot are a bonus. Now, I told you this is my first Art Fest so my experience is limited,  but it was nice to have tourists with money burning a hole in their pocket constantly walking by my booth.Arts-Festival
  4. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings. Ten minutes before the end of the last day of the show I jokingly said to my 14 year old daughter, “Ok, you have 10 minutes, make us another hundred dollars.” Ten minutes later when I suggested we pack it up, she said, “No, we have to sell $100!” One minute later we were swarmed with people, while I was working with one woman who wanted to get her first toe ring (it took me about 15 minutes to make that $15 sale) my daughter made $85. Then as quickly as they had come, they were all gone. She was beside herself with excitement that we had actually done it. Actually every few days she brings it up again. And I have to agree with her, it was cool.
  5. We need to get the kids to the beach…. any beach…. more often. My children loved the lake The first day while I was at my show the two kids and my husband went in up to their necks. These beach deprived kids will take whatever they can get. The second day of the show was cold and stormy. They stayed at the show with me the whole day because they thought it would be too depressing to be at the beach in the cold. When I got done we all went to the beach to barbecue and they found the water to be warm and went in up to their knees in their jeans.DSCN3307DSCN3311
  6. If you are going to plan a vacation around selling at a festival, give yourself one extra day just to relax. We had the evenings but it wasn’t enough, I would have liked to have one more day to just enjoy the vacation. My 14yr old loves working my booth and even sells stuff when I leave her in charge. There was a trailhead 2 blocks from the show, so my husband and I left her in charge and did a lovely one hour hike in the middle of the day. At least we had that.DSCN3305
  7. Why drive when you can fly? Even a 10 hour drive is too long. Then you get home more tired than when you left. Next time I would fly.
  8. If you sell enough to pay for the vacation, you get a vacation for free. Overall it was a great weekend. The kids got to swim. My husband got away from work for a few days. We got to try out our new tent. And we got to see Tahoe, which is magnificent. My daughter is already planning our next art fest vacation.DSCN3296